Todd Crews
August 9th 2015
Pastor Todd Crews is the leader of the young adult program at the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church, a nondenominational church in Brooklyn NY. .. MORE >
Longing for Glory - Stephen & Julia Trafton
August 9th 2015
This concert features well known Broadway starts Juliette and Stephen Trafton and a diverse program of music with well known Broadway tunes from South Pacific, .. MORE >
Bob Russell
August 16th 2015
At the age of 22, he became the pastor of Southeast Christian Church, which became one of the largest churches in America. Now through Bob Russell Ministries, h .. MORE >
Ken Medema
August 16th 2015
Though blind from birth, Ken sees and hears with heart and mind. Across the years, Ken has shared his passion for learning and discovery through storytelling an .. MORE >
Join us for a special evening with Bethany Hamilton, the American professional surfer who lost her arm to a shark attack and found a renewed faith in God. Hear her moving life story and enjoy dinner, music .. MORE >
Learning is an on-going process and it is the basis of all activities. Addressing the whole child--- physical, social, emotional, and spiritual development, Ark-kids provides a caring, loving environment where each .. MORE >
The Moorlyn Family Theatre is dedicated to bringing quality, family friendly entertainment to the Ocean City Boardwalk. We’re raising the curtain on amazing shows, cinema and theater events seven days a week .. MORE >

Dating back to Ocean City’s earliest beginnings, the mission of the Ocean City Tabernacle has been to serve, support,
inspire, strengthen and connect members of the community. As the needs of area residents and visitors have grown, the
Tabernacle has grown to meet them with meaningful family-focused programs and uplifting, non-denominational worship
services where everyone is made to feel welcome. Everyone is made to feel welcome and the Gospel of Jesus Christ is central.


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